Jackson O’Connor Architecture Studio and Ceramics Gallery: One Year On – Happy Birthday to Us!

‘It’s July 2022, exactly a year since we moved into our new studio and gallery space in Hampton, West London, and what an eventful year it has been.’

Like many, our Founder, Jane O’Connor, was working from home during the Covid Lockdown of 2020, continuing to work for architecture clients in the office, residential and arts sectors. The changing regulations caused by the coronavirus pandemic meant that clients’ needs were continually shifting and the practice had to adapt quickly to satisfy those requirements. It was a difficult time for many businesses and our ability to adapt to new situations put us in a good position, becoming an invaluable source of advice to clients such as services engineering consultants TB+A in Euston.

Alongside the architecture practice, Jane had found working from home enabled her to spend more time making pottery in her down time. She has had a passion for ceramics (both making and collecting) for many years and the lockdown offered the perfect opportunity to create a workshop at home where she could spend time perfecting her throwing skills and experimenting with form and colour.

When Andrew Jackson joined the practice in November 2020, they decided to look for office premises that would fulfil the growing needs of the busy practice.

The Perfect Location

Having lived in Hampton for several years, they knew this was an ideal location for delivering projects to clients in Central London (a short train journey into the centre) as well as having excellent motorway and transport links. When a retail space became available on Hampton’s historic High Street, offering a double shop frontage, Jane and Andre had a ‘light bulb moment’ – not only did the building provide us with excellent office and meeting space for the architecture practice but there was also ample space to house a gallery where we could showcase a diverse range of ceramic artwork that would complement our building designs whilst supporting artists and makers.

 A Complete Renovation

Previously an estate agent’s showroom, the building was tired and mundane, requiring a full re-fit, which Jane and Andrew threw themselves into. Above the suspended ceilings and system partition they could see the potential of the space which divided naturally into two clearly defined spaces – one side for architecture, the other for the gallery. Their expertise in building design, interior design and lighting came to the fore. The couple stripped out the ceilings, illuminated signage and air conditioning, opting instead for natural ventilation and electric eco-radiators. Adjustable LED track lighting was fitted in the gallery space and dimmable LED lighting pendants were installed in the open plan office space and meeting room, resulting in a light and airy space that is both functional, inspiring and a delightful space to work.

The drably coloured old illuminated external signage was replaced with simple, crisp branding incorporating two vertical banners to define the two spaces and lift the building frontage.

Colour Was Key

A simple colour palette was applied. Using the lino flooring in the gallery as a starting point, a tweed chevron-style carpet was sourced for the office space and a mid-tone warm grey was chosen as a background on walls to allow artwork and drawings to stand out. Magnetic wall paint was used in the office space which has proved invaluable when designing for architecture submissions and has also been a talking point for many visitors.

The furniture in both the gallery and studio is predominantly UK made: lino topped plywood tables and desks from Unto This Last, basedin Shoreditch, offer ample work surface without dominating the space. These are coupled with standard IKEA storage units to keep down costs. Meeting and task chairs are by Fritz Hansen and Vitra respectively.

The Detail

Clients visiting the office can review a variety of switches, sockets, ceiling lights and other architectural details. The space demonstrates how the simple articulation of plasterboard partitions and varying ceiling heights can create a variety of experiences in scale and form, in a cost-effective way. It also proves invaluable for design workshops with clients.


Both the gallery and office space are punctuated with a variety of plants displayed in Jane’s own thrown stoneware bowls. Jackson O’Connor’s architecture clients frequently commission or purchase artwork as the finishing touches to their projects.

window display for gallery


During this first year, the new studio and gallery space has exhibited a wide range of ceramic art, paintings and prints by numerous artists, both local and international; hosted open event for media and makers; monthly open events in the gallery when work on display can be viewed and purchased; client dinners to celebrate the completion of architecture projects and there has even been an international showcasing the work of Texan ceramicist, Jessica Phillips. The studio and gallery space is fast becoming an integral part of the community and has enhanced a tired part of the High Street and hosted a TV film crew for a forthcoming ceramics documentary. This Autumn there are even more exciting high profile vents, to be announced soon.

The move to this new home has led to a number of exciting architecture and ceramics projects that we could not have foreseen a year ago and has established new relationships with clients and makers along the way.

Proving a work life balance is possible whilst supporting both local and national architecture clients as well as supporting an international art community.

Jackson O’Connor Architecture Limited are looking forward to building on these relationships in the coming years.

For further information visit www.jacksonoconnor.com